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1. Characterized by chirping tones: a bird with a chirpy song.
2. Tending to chirp: a chirpy parakeet.
3. Cheerful and good-humored: a chirpy radio announcer.

chirp′i·ly adv.
chirp′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.chirpily - in a cheerfully buoyant manner; "we accepted the opportunity buoyantly"
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Almost as chirpily as when she tells you you've just released a good amount, a broad smile and look of satisfaction etched on her face
Being brought up in Scotland, naturally enough I wanted to be a footballer, but I just didn't grow enough, " he says chirpily.
The Robins had started chirpily enough with Stuart Payne's opener inside the first minutes, but the visitors hit back to lead 2-1 at the break.
Marcus Gilbert is likeable and charming as the decadent Lord Goring - though at times his mannered performance grates a tad - while Rebecca Dite twitters chirpily as Mabel, a kind of Victorian dizzy blonde.
Jo is nothing but pleasant as she chirpily tells me about her 21st birthday party last month in her home town of Romford in Essex.
It's a book that starts chirpily with Springer preparing to present a show about a man who has cut off his own penis with garden shears.
Listen to this," I say chirpily, holding up the Daily Record and pointing to an article I've just been reading.
The 45-year-old singer chirpily revealed on Twitter of her new role, saying that her former beau has asked her to be his son's godmother, along with a snap of herself holding baby Eric, the Daily Star reported.
Stoke fans loved it, chirpily chorusing "1-0 to the rugby team" and mimicking the despairing arm-waving that Wenger often does on his visits to the Britannia.
Nucatola's insouciant attitude--as she chowed down while chirpily explaining how Planned Parenthood affiliates charge $30-100 for pre-ordered organs from a killed fetus, may put viewers off their own food.
I was staying on an island just off the east coast of Australia when I chirpily emailed M and told them how beautiful the island is and how it's surrounded by other gorgeous, uninhabited islands.