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 (chûr′əp, chĭr′-)
v. chir·ruped, chir·rup·ing, chir·rups
1. To utter a series of chirps.
2. To make clucking or clicking sounds with the lips, as in urging on a horse.
1. To sound with chirps.
2. To make clucking sounds to.
1. A series of chirps.
2. A series of clucks or clicking sounds, such as those made to urge on a horse.

[Variant of chirp.]
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vb (intr)
1. (Zoology) (esp of some birds) to chirp repeatedly
2. to make clucking sounds with the lips
such a sound
[C16: variant of chirp]
ˈchirruper n
ˈchirrupy adj
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(ˈtʃɪər əp, ˈtʃɜr-)

1. to chirp.
2. the sound of chirruping.
[1570–80; variant of chirp]
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Past participle: chirrupped
Gerund: chirrupping

I chirrup
you chirrup
he/she/it chirrups
we chirrup
you chirrup
they chirrup
I chirrupped
you chirrupped
he/she/it chirrupped
we chirrupped
you chirrupped
they chirrupped
Present Continuous
I am chirrupping
you are chirrupping
he/she/it is chirrupping
we are chirrupping
you are chirrupping
they are chirrupping
Present Perfect
I have chirrupped
you have chirrupped
he/she/it has chirrupped
we have chirrupped
you have chirrupped
they have chirrupped
Past Continuous
I was chirrupping
you were chirrupping
he/she/it was chirrupping
we were chirrupping
you were chirrupping
they were chirrupping
Past Perfect
I had chirrupped
you had chirrupped
he/she/it had chirrupped
we had chirrupped
you had chirrupped
they had chirrupped
I will chirrup
you will chirrup
he/she/it will chirrup
we will chirrup
you will chirrup
they will chirrup
Future Perfect
I will have chirrupped
you will have chirrupped
he/she/it will have chirrupped
we will have chirrupped
you will have chirrupped
they will have chirrupped
Future Continuous
I will be chirrupping
you will be chirrupping
he/she/it will be chirrupping
we will be chirrupping
you will be chirrupping
they will be chirrupping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been chirrupping
you have been chirrupping
he/she/it has been chirrupping
we have been chirrupping
you have been chirrupping
they have been chirrupping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been chirrupping
you will have been chirrupping
he/she/it will have been chirrupping
we will have been chirrupping
you will have been chirrupping
they will have been chirrupping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been chirrupping
you had been chirrupping
he/she/it had been chirrupping
we had been chirrupping
you had been chirrupping
they had been chirrupping
I would chirrup
you would chirrup
he/she/it would chirrup
we would chirrup
you would chirrup
they would chirrup
Past Conditional
I would have chirrupped
you would have chirrupped
he/she/it would have chirrupped
we would have chirrupped
you would have chirrupped
they would have chirrupped
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.chirrup - a series of chirpschirrup - a series of chirps      
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
Verb1.chirrup - make high-pitched soundschirrup - make high-pitched sounds; "the birds were chirping in the bushes"
let loose, let out, utter, emit - express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words); "She let out a big heavy sigh"; "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand"
chitter, twitter - make high-pitched sounds, as of birds
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vi (= chirp) [person, bird] → pépier
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References in classic literature ?
For a time they sat about, all pulling at clay pipes and chirruping and laughing in queer thin falsettos at the events of the night and the previous afternoon.
There was a rustle of chirruping sparrows in the green lacquer leaves of the ivy, and the blue cloud-shadows chased themselves across the grass like swallows.
Believing their danger past, they sprang from their ambush and, chirruping something in their shrill little voices and holding up their skirts, their bare little sunburned feet scampered merrily and quickly across the meadow grass.
"How d'ye like 'em?" he asked, changing the reins to both hands and chirruping the horses, which went out with a jerk in an immediacy of action that was new to her.
At the approach of spring the red squirrels got under my house, two at a time, directly under my feet as I sat reading or writing, and kept up the queerest chuckling and chirruping and vocal pirouetting and gurgling sounds that ever were heard; and when I stamped they only chirruped the louder, as if past all fear and respect in their mad pranks, defying humanity to stop them.
Certain stray locks of decidedly curly hair, too, had escaped here and there, and had to be coaxed and cajoled into their place again; and then the new comer, who might have been five-and-twenty, turned from the small looking-glass, before which she had been making these arrangements, and looked well pleased,--as most people who looked at her might have been,--for she was decidedly a wholesome, whole-hearted, chirruping little woman, as ever gladdened man's heart withal.
A slight noise -like, and yet not like, the chirruping of a bird -- caught her ear as she approached the summer-house.
The small chirruping voice that uttered this request came from a little sunny-haired girl between three and four, who, seated on a high chair at the end of the ironing table, was arduously clutching the handle of a miniature iron with her tiny fat fist, and ironing rags with an assiduity that required her to put her little red tongue out as far as anatomy would allow.
Chirruping cheesy effects (No New Friends) can test the patience, but with a Lil Wayne remix of Genius at the close it's full marks for effort.
Indeed, the opening segue of Alfred Newman's 20th Century Fox fanfare and John Williams' Star Wars almost lifted you out of your seat, with its eye-watering brass, chirruping woodwind and rich, fulsome strings.
And what a squabbling, leaping, chirruping delight that was as they battled to hoover up the food I had put out minutes earlier.
Sand martins flit overhead chirruping as they collect flying insects to feed their young in their burrows.