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A goat antelope (Pantholops hodgsonii) of high mountainous regions of the Plateau of Tibet, having long straight horns in the male and an undercoat that is highly prized for its downy wool. Also called Tibetan antelope.

[Of Tibeto-Burman origin; possibly a compound containing a second element akin to Tibetan rwa, -ru, horn.]
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(Animals) a Tibetan antelope, Pantholops hodgsoni, having a dense woolly pinkish-brown fleece prized as the source of shahtoosh wool: now close to extinction due to illegal slaughter for its fleece
[C19: probably from Tibetan]
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Here, he met the gang members Abhishek alias Chiru Sagar, Deepak and some others.
On Qinghai-Tibetan plateauIn, inhabit numerous of wild animals, such as chiru, white lipped deer, argali, Bactrian camels and free ranging yaks ensuring ample opportunity for BVDV cross-species transmission.
Party discipline is typically high in such systems, and defections are relatively rare (Grose and Yoshinaka, 2003; Shabad and Slomczynski, 2004; Mershon and Shvetsova, 2008; Janda, 2009; Stefan, Gherghina and Chiru, 2012; O'Brien and Shomer, 2013; Martin, Saalfeld and Strom, 2014).
Symbols abound, such as the chiru or Tibetan antelope, killed for its hair that is then woven into the infamous Shahtoosh shawls.
With 10 magazines (L'Officiel, L'Officiel Hommes, L'Officiel Art, L'Officiel Voyage, La Revue des Montres, Jalouse, L'Officiel 1000 ModAaAaAeA?les, L'Offici Shopping, L'Officiel 1000 ModAaAaAeA?les Design, L'Officiel MAaAaAeA@decine and Chiru Esthetique) and its patented technology, Jalou Media Group is present in more than 80 countries, with more than 44 of its own international editions, representing a positive solution for the evolution of a stable media industry.
Entrepreneurial skills, a theoretical perspective Entrepreneurial Author/-s (year) skills Performance Athayde (2009); Chiru, Tachiciu, and Ciuchete (2012); orientation Cunningham (1991); Draycott and Rae (2011); Gibb (2002); Lans, Verstegen, and Mulder (2011); Mitchelmore and Rowley (2010); Moberg et al.
The investigation of the quality of healthcare services in Romania in comparison with EU is based on a tridimentional approach (Chiru, 2006), mainly: from the perspective of the patient, of the specialist (doctor) and the management of quality.
Other cases heard at Coventry Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, April 25, included: Pia-Amalia Chiru, 35, of Britannia Street, Hillfields, admitted stealing aftershave worth PS348 from Debenhams.
The sequences were BLAST and further analyzed through multiple sequence alignment of IFN-a of Beetal goat with other species like goat (Capra hircus: GenBank accession number XM005683621), sheep (Ovis aries: X59067), cattle (Bos taurus: NP001165512), buffalo (Bubalus bubalis: XP006055575), Yak (Bos grunniens: AEU17776) chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii: XM005962133), and blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra: ACR61636).
Evaluation of line transect sampling for density estimates of chiru Pantholops hodgsoni in the Aru Basin, Tibet.--Wildl.
Under RF's monthly Chiru Deepam initiative, 100 children regularly receive nutritional kits.