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Noun1.chit chat - light informal conversation for social occasionschit chat - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
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The 11-year-old Tisamystery, the only course-and-distance winner in the race, and Monbeg Chit Chat, who is making his first chase start of the year after three runs over hurdles, run for De Bromhead while Elliott runs Dakota Moirette and Veinard.
"Thank you to the selfless staff of Chit Chat Diner in West Orange for welcoming nearly 80 hungry kids off of their school buses at the height of last night's storm.
But most of the people either chit chat or stand haphazardly on the escalators, blocking the way up for people behind them.
In typical four-letter fashion, the former Oasis frontman said he was sorry for being a "sketchy little f***er" and admitted that he struggled to respond to the "chit chat".
"It doesn't matter if they are discussing technical details or just idle chit chat, more talk drives productivity."
029 2030 4400 COMEDY Limmy Join Limmy for a night of storytelling and chit chat as he introduces his second book, That's Your Lot, featuring stories that are dafter and darker than before.
7, Inquirer's first entertainment talk show, Kris gamely engaged in a fun and relaxed chit chat with the hosts alongside answering questions from social media.
According to media reports , the two charming couple had dinner and spent time together having a chit chat and taking pictures.
Together with it's sister church, All Saints, there will be a chit chat group, which offers the chance for people to socialise with others.
He has been making coffee and listening to the political chit chat of his clientele for over half a century.
Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of "chit chat", the concept is based on a simple 20 x 20 format where each presenter is allowed to show 20 images with 20 seconds per image.
But Don Williams isn't one for chit chat. When he does speak his low bass baritone words boom around Birmingham's Symphony hall almost shaking its foundations.