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[Hindi cītal, spotted, axis deer, from Middle Indic cittala, from Sanskrit citrala-, variegated, spotted, from citra-, bright, spotted.]
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(Animals) another name for axis2
[from Hindi]
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The national tree of Pakistan, Deodar and other famous species including Kail, Spruce and Walnut are being found in relatively cold climate areas of Swat, Chital, Kohistan, Dir, Gilgit Baltistan and AJK whereas Punjab and KP are the epicenters of native Shisham, Siris, Pipal, Bakin, Amaltas, Willow, Poplar, Mulberry, Phulai, Alstona, Kachnar, Bottle Brush, Gul e Nashtar and Jaman.
The study area consists of Chital which is the largest district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
A few minutes in, we were greeted by a group of chital or spotted deer huddled at the side of the road.
Some of the areas where the ITZs will be set up are: Gabeen Jabba, (elevation 9,200 feet), Mankyal (8,700ft) and Bayon, (11,000ft) in Swat; Bir Mughlasht (9,000ft), Golain (10,400ft) and Qaqlasht (7,500ft) in Chital; Burwai, Naran (10,000ft) and Mahaban, Buner (6,600ft).
These include one chital, three blackbucks and one urial.
The frontal surface of the skull was formed by the frontal, parietal, nasal, parts of the maxilla and premaxilla (incisive) bone as reported in Kagani goats (Sarma, 2006), chital (Kumawat et al., 2014), Pygmy hog (Kalita et al.) and blackbuck (Choudhary & Singh, 2016b).
In Mardan election would be held for Tehsil Nazim Takht Bhai, in Swabi, village council Tarakai 1, in Kohat village council Ali Zai, in Hangu for district council's district Nazim, in DI Khan for Tehsil Nazim on Kalachi council and village council Looni, at four union councils of Abbottabad, in tehsil Ogi and Naral of Mansehra, in Tor Ghar at village council Chandmakhel, in Battagram on village council Paraang, in Swat village council Gul Kada, in Shangla on village council Opal and village council Chigam and Navey Killay, in Buner on village council Nansar and in Chital on village council Melap.
Initially it was quite disappointing as only birds and a few groups of chital deer showed up.
A study conducted in Bharatpur, Rajastan, India during 1984-1985 showed that diet of jackal comprised of rodents 26.5%, birds 24.1%, grass 20%, fruits 16.5%, insects 4.1%, snakes 4.1%, chital 2.4%, nilghai 1.2% and fish 1.2% (Sankar 1988).
She said there were currently 42 registered deer rearers, involving more than 2,000 deer, including of the 'Chital' breed, which is reared in small scale.