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A nitrogen-containing polysaccharide that is a tough, protective, semitransparent substance and is the principal component of arthropod exoskeletons and the cell walls of certain fungi.

[French chitine : New Latin chitōn, mollusk (from Greek khitōn, chiton; see chiton) + -ine.]

chi′tin·ous adj.
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Adj.1.chitinous - of or resembling chitin
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The fossilized eyes further possessed calcified ommatidial lenses, and Johan Lindgren believes that this mineral has replaced the original chitinous material.
Cr-BM promotes ingestive motor programs by coordinating movements of three structures: the buccal cones used for prey capture, the chitinous hooks used to extract the prey from its shell, and the radula.
In the region of the gastric shield, the mucosal surface is covered with a cuticle, a thin chitinous band that constitutes the gastric shield (Fig.
chironomid head capsules and chitinous remains (carapace, exopodites, post-abdomens) of cladocerans under a 40-450x magnification binocular microscope.
Preparation of Silkworm Meal: Sun dried silkworm pupae with their chitinous covering was obtained from the Changa Manga Silk Industries (31Adeg05'N latitude 73Adeg58'E longitude) District Kasur, Pakistan.
The family is characterised by the absence of trichobothria on the antennae; the presence of mostly symmetrical, unsegmented chitinous hooks at tip of abdomen; a maximum of four placoid sensilla on terminal article of antennae; thorax with two pairs of spiracles on sternites II and III; abdominal sternite 1 with a pair of styles and a pair of lateral subcoxal organs.
After the protein digestion step, the chitinous exoskeleton was retrieved from the microtube and mounted as a morphological voucher specimen.
The anterior margins of the rami bear a fringe of filamentous chitinous material; this fringing material runs from the ventral margin of the ramus upwards along its anterior margin to extend along the ventral edge of the cingular apodemes.
I just want to be overcome by the supple, erotic strangeness of her surrealist narratives; the chitinous sheen of her works' surfaces; her Prada-meets-Star Trek palette; and the gelatinous, ectomorphic figures.
The chitinous external skeleton of the mite may act as a foreign body, and when Demodex mites breach the epithelial barrier, their antigens influence the immune system of the host and induce a type IV hypersensitivity reaction (6, 8).
Recycling of chitinous waste using chemical treatments is a costly process (11).
the chitinous bodies I do not think twice about wiping away