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A nitrogen-containing polysaccharide that is a tough, protective, semitransparent substance and is the principal component of arthropod exoskeletons and the cell walls of certain fungi.

[French chitine : New Latin chitōn, mollusk (from Greek khitōn, chiton; see chiton) + -ine.]

chi′tin·ous adj.
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Adj.1.chitinous - of or resembling chitin
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On the efferent side, there is a V-shaped opaque chitinous skeletal rod (Fig.
The phoronids are habitants of the marine benthos, each individual produces a chitinous tube in which one moves freely, being able to retract.
Spat settlement of the giant scallop, Placopecten magellanicus (Gmelin, 1791), and other bivalve species on artificial filamentous collectors coated with chitinous material.
1, A and B): Slightly oval in dorsal or ventral view, convex dorsally; anterodorsal median ocellus; posterior margin rounded; one chitinous conical protuberance on posterodorsal part of body; caudal end with one pair of setae; body unsegmented; three pairs of appendages with naked setae.
Chitinase is present in the digestive tract of insects with a chitinous diet (Fukamizo et al.
Thus, it represents a very different barrier than the underlying chitinous layers.
When the parasitoid larvae broke out of the EAB host larva (after consuming the entire host body except the chitinous cuticle) and entered the wandering stage (just before pupation), they were carefully transferred to a 4-cm Petri Dish (B.
2007) considered 4 biological traits reflecting some aspects of species morphology and behavior: animal size (<1 cm, 1-5 cm), body design (vermiform, scale or chitinous plates, shell), presence or absence of an external protective structure (e.
It was then possible to observe the characteristics of the remaining chitinous gland intima, which are not apparent from examination of an intact gland and reservoir.
The evidence for a terminal molt include (1) field measurement of 288 adults in Pleasant Bay indicating adults of several age groups have similar size distributions (Shuster 1955), (2) the male pedipalp is transformed at maturity from chelate form to a swollen hook useful for grasping females during amplexus, (3) presence of internal chitinous fibers (trabeculae) in male and female adults, which could interfere with ecdysis (Shuster & Sekiguchi 2003), (4) the observation that slipper shells (Crepidula fornicata) up to 8 y old have been found attached to adult carapaces indicating that molting had not occurred for at least the slipper shell's lifespan (Botton & Ropes 1988a, Grady et al.
Reckoning that the rectal lining of the louse is chitinous and so can withstand mechanical trauma, Weigl inoculated lice anally with these rickettsiae.
Only chitinous components and large bones remain for [greater than or equal to]4 days; therefore, deaths attributable to DCPs are generally underestimated when using only the counts of bycatch found in recovered pots.