chitlin circuit

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chit·lin circuit

or chit·lin' circuit  (chĭt′lĭn)
Informal A circuit of nightclubs and theaters that feature African-American performers and cater especially to African-American audiences: "I was traveling up and down ... with these little groups on what they call the chitlin' circuit" (Carter Jefferson).
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Indianola's blues clubs were an important stop on the now famed Chitlin Circuit, and enthusiastic blues fans flock here today hoping for an authentic blues experience.
Within weeks, I'd gone out of the chitlin circuit to playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
As much as television soap opera, it evokes the plays performed for primarily African-American audiences on the so-called chitlin circuit.
Rather, the director of each of The Blues films concentrated on one aspect of the music: Martin Scorsese on African antecedents of the blues; Charles Burnett on blues and its associations with social concepts of sin; Richard Pearce on the chitlin circuit blues in Memphis and north Mississippi; Wim Wenders on Blind Willie Johnson, Skip James, and J.
Because gay men participated in rock from the start (although usually in the closet or behind the scenes), their expressions bloomed in the mainstream soon after Stonewall, while lesbians took the time to create their own network of women-only venues, much like the chitlin circuit of yore.
Equally at home on the chitlin circuit of the Jim Crow South and in swishy East Coast supper clubs, the ``Queen of the Blues'' was the first African-American female to achieve crossover success with white audiences.