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or chit·lings  (chĭt′lĭnz)
Variants of chitterlings.


Fried hog intestines.
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Noun1.chitlins - small intestines of hogs prepared as food
organs, variety meat - edible viscera of a butchered animal
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Orr lauds Robert Young as manifesting "perhaps the biggest range in contemporary poetry (it extends even to chitlins, which Young somehow manages to turn into a vehicle for an elegy).
But I imagine it would have been kosher, so to speak, if we had met to discuss foundation business over chitlins in some greasy spoon in Harlem.
He also serves chitlins - yet another Black Country variation on intestines, black pudding, traditional meat and potato pie - but recently pulled the plug on pigs' trotters.
Many of his chapter-end recipes come from the Miller family collection, my favorite being "Chitlins Duran," a dish inspired by his brother Duran's recipe--one I will never make but admire for its authenticity, although I have never heard of chitlins being served with spaghetti before.
Scientists have good news for those who love that delicacy of down-home Southern cooking, but hate the smell of chitlins.
Next I mentioned chitlins, that once prized delicacy of Black Country cuisine.
Young hog's chitlins hard to beat Who'll jine de Union?
From chitlins to crown roast of lamb, the well appointed meat department "really talks to the diversity in the marketplace, and it really talks to our responsibility to make sure that we're giving the local customers what they're looking for," O'Boyle affirms.
As much as Southerners love their barbecue, McIntyre's dance--in which a ballerina portrays a graceful, frightened, and soon-to-be-slaughtered pig--has a curious effect on someone digging into a mess of chitlins.
Nathan Dukes recalls from his youth the smell of strudel cakes, chitlins, rice and beans, and turkey and ham being prepared.
The chitlins, black-eyed peas, and fried chicken were free.
When a girl came along a while later and claimed to be an expert in the art of soul food, I bit my stupid tongue just before I was about to rave about how much I loved chitlins.