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also chit·lins or chit·lings  (chĭt′lĭnz)
The small intestines of pigs, especially when cooked and eaten as food.

[From Middle English chiterling, probably diminutive of Old English *cieter, intestines.]
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(ˈtʃɪtəlɪŋz) ,




pl n
(Cookery) (sometimes singular) the intestines of a pig or other animal prepared as a dish. Also called: chitlin
[C13: of uncertain origin; perhaps related to Middle High German kutel]
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(ˈtʃɪt lɪnz, -lɪŋz)

n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
the small intestine of swine, esp. when prepared as food.
[1250–1300; Middle English cheterling; akin to German Kutteln in same sense]
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Fried hog intestines.
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Noun1.chitterlings - small intestines of hogs prepared as food
organs, variety meat - edible viscera of a butchered animal
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"Tell 'em at hwome that I should like for supper,--well, lamb's fry if they can get it; and if they can't, black-pot; and if they can't get that, well chitterlings will do."
"An' when I'd got 'em, my head was all of a boil like a kettle o' broth, thinkin' what sort o' life I should take to, for there war a many trades I'd thought on; for as for the barge, I'm clean tired out wi't, for it pulls the days out till they're as long as pigs' chitterlings. An' I thought first I'd ha' ferrets an' dogs, an' be a rat-catcher; an' then I thought as I should like a bigger way o' life, as I didn't know so well; for I'n seen to the bottom o' rat-catching; an' I thought, an' thought, till at last I settled I'd be a packman,--for they're knowin' fellers, the packmen are,--an' I'd carry the lightest things I could i' my pack; an' there'd be a use for a feller's tongue, as is no use neither wi' rats nor barges.
Eat Sparingly Foods such as chitterlings, sausage, bacon, pork neckbones, fat back, hog jowls and pig Fats & Oils Group feet should be avoided because they are high in fat content, and provide calories that are low in nutrients.
A case study of a 12-year-old diabetic boy points out that chronically ill individuals and parents of infants should be informed about the life-threatening risks of infection related to the preparation and consumption of pig intestines (chitterlings).
1993)(manufacturer of chain used in chitterlings cleaning machine exonerated House v.
Don't think "innards," think "ethnic" (and never tell the family exactly what chitterlings or sweetbreads are made of, until they taste them first.)
During the 1988-89 winter holidays (i.e., Thanksgiving through New Year's Day), an outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by raw chitterlings (i.e., pork intestines, a traditional winter holiday food in some black families) contaminated with Yersinia enterocolitica 0:3 occurred among 15 children in metropolitan Atlanta (1).
They may no longer be cooked in the region, but everyone has heard of Black Country staples such as grey 'paes', pig's trotters and chitterlings (pig's intestines).
enterocolitica 0:3 have occurred among black US infants due to cross-contamination during household preparation of raw pork intestines (chitterlings) (4,5), and the main reservoir for Y.
Murray himself acknowledges the richness and contradictory nature of his style by calling it "the chitterlings of the Waldorf."
It can become problematic eating honey-baked ham or chitterlings every Sunday.
One meat case contains, among other things, pork chitterlings, smoked ham, smoked pork neckbones, as well as burritos, snow crab for gumbo and California-grown poultry.