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1. Having the qualities of gallantry and honor attributed to an ideal knight.
2. Of or relating to chivalry.
3. Characterized by consideration and courtesy, especially toward women.

chiv′al·rous·ly adv.
chiv′al·rous·ness n.
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Respectful attention, especially toward women:
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In an essay on commodity aesthetics, I have coupled colonial soap and cigarette advertisements, as both symbolized emergent civilizational values--urbanity, modernity, chivalrousness, lifestyle, prestige and the associated class and gender distinctions.
In his voice the chivalrousness toward beauty was mixed with some sense of camaraderie, as if the whim of fate had thrown the two of them in the same trench.
These are: social behaviors, philanthropy, work ethic, personal and mutual coordination, protection of the organization resources, chivalrousness and courtesy.