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n. pl. chla·myd·i·ae (-ē-ē′)
1. Any of various gram-negative, coccoid bacteria of the genus Chlamydia, especially C. psittaci and C. trachomatis, that are pathogenic to humans and other animals, causing infections such as conjunctivitis in cattle and sheep and trachoma, urethritis, and pneumonia in humans.
2. Any of several common, often asymptomatic, sexually transmitted diseases caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis.

[New Latin, genus name, from Latin chlamys, chlamyd-, mantle (in reference to the reticulate form, resembling a mantle around the host cell's nucleus, that the bacterium assumes within the host's cytoplasm); see chlamys.]

chla·myd′i·al adj.


(Medicine) of or relating to infections caused by bacteria of the genus Chlamydia
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Adj.1.chlamydial - of or pertaining to the sexually transmitted infection or to the parasite
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Recurrent genitourinary chlamydial infections in sexually active female adolescents.
Chlamydial cervicitis is characterized by erythema, edema and friability of the cervix, purulent yellow or green endocervical discharge, and dyspareunia.
In a randomized controlled trial of an STD prevention program designed specifically for this group, intervention participants had lower risks than controls of acquiring chlamydia and of having a recurrent chlamydial infection over a 12-month follow-up period (risk ratios, 0.
At enrolment and each follow-up visit, endocervical swabs were collected for identification of chlamydial, gonococcal and trichomonal infections.
In other cases, confirmed cases of chlamydial infection may not be reported even though chlamydial infection is a notifiable disease.
Chlamydial infection is one of the main causes of cervicitis and nongonnococcal urethritis, and is a common cause of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) (5, 6).
Some areas studied include a mathematical-model approach to chlamydial infection in Japan, time-inhomogeneous Markov chains and ergodicity arising from nonlinear dynamic systems and optimization, solutions to open problems in n-dimensional fluid dynamics, exact penalty functions for constrained optimization problems, and the development of Lyapunov's direct method in the application to new types of problems of hydrodynamic stability theory.
ReadyCells also allow year-round cell culture availability with minimal on-hand inventory, and are available for respiratory and herpes virus cultures, enterovirus culture, and chlamydial culture.
Preventive Services Task Force screening recommendations for chlamydial infection Nonpregnant women Pregnant women * [dagger] Age <25 Screen Screen Age [greater than or equal to]25 Screen those at Screen those at increased risk increased risk Interval [double dagger] At least First prenatal annually visit, third trimester if at continued risk * Grade A recommendation: high quality evidence [dagger] Grade B recommendation: moderate quality evidence [double dagger] The optimal screening interval remains to be determined Source: Reference 2
Conjunctivitis in infants less than four weeks old may be caused by chlamydial or gonococcal infection.
Fine-needle aspiration of the lymph node demonstrated granulomatous inflammation compatible with LGV; the diagnosis was further confirmed by the high titers demonstrated by chlamydial serology, as well as the patient's response to doxycycline.
It is a chlamydial infection of birds which can cause pneumonia in humans.