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 (klôr′dān′) also chlor·dan (-dăn′)
A colorless, odorless, viscous liquid, C10H6Cl8, formerly used as an insecticide. It may be toxic to humans and wildlife as a result of its effect on the nervous system.

[chlor(o)- + (in)d(ene) + -ane.]


(ˈklɔːdeɪn) or


(Elements & Compounds) a white insoluble toxic solid existing in several isomeric forms and usually used, as an insecticide, in the form of a brown impure liquid. Formula: C10H6Cl8
[C20: from chloro- + (in)d(ene) + -ane]


(ˈklɔr deɪn, ˈkloʊr-)

also chlor•dan


a colorless, toxic liquid, C10H6Cl8, used as an insecticide.
[1945–50; chlor- + (in)dane an oily cyclic hydrocarbon = ind- + -ane]


n clordano
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However, doubts were raised about the environmental impact of these chemicals because of their residual longevity and by the 1980s, Chlordane and related chemicals were banned in most countries.
The OCP congeners were grouped as follows: DDT (4,4'-DDT, 2,4'-DDT, 4,4'-DDE, 2,4'-DDE, 4,4'-DDD, 2,4'-DDD, methoxychlor); Chlordane (oxy-chlordane, [gamma]-(trans)-chlordane, [alpha]-(cis)-chlordane, trans-nonachlor, cis-nonachlor); endosulfan ([alpha]-endosulfan, [beta]-endosulfan, endosulfan sulfate, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide); endrin (Aldrin, dieldrin, endrin, endrin aldehyde, endrin ketone); HCH ([alpha]-hexachlorocyclohexane, [beta]-hexachlorocyclohexane, [gamma]-hexachlorocyclohexane, [delta]-hexachlorocyclohexane).
Back in the old days, we had fabulous termiticides called chlordane and heptachlor.
The ability of the EDN to identify novel disease-disease associations and chemical-disease associations was illustrated by several examples, such as the suggestion of links between BPA and ADHD, and chlordane and olfactory dysfunction, which would need further investigations to be confirmed.
Historically the organochlorine insecticides aldrin, dieldrin, chlordane and heptachlor constituted the major means of providing protection against subterranean termites.
This is the only termiticide since Chlordane to pass the strict tests required by the United States Department of Agriculture completely.
The councilman restated his position on the trash facility at last week's forum, emphasizing that his main concern is with the high concentrations of toxic chemicals and carcinogens--including mercury, chlordane, and Mirex--found in underwater sediment.
A canister of pesticide (including DDT, chlordane and lindane) was attached to the mower and the contents were fed into the exhaust port.
Over the last 45 years, the use of chemical pesticides such as dichlorodiphe-nyltrichloroethane (DDT), gammaxane, malathion, and chlordane has been the method of choice for mosquito control, and the antimalarial drugs chloroquine and the affordable pyrimethamine-sulfadoxine combination have proved successful in lowering morbidity and mortality.
Heavy metals, dioxins, chlordane, and PCB's accumulate in eels' substantially fatty tissue, resulting in their toxicity and reduced fertility.
The banned pesticides included chlordane, a rat poison that affects the nervous system and endrin, an insecticide that causes headache.
Researchers found that Guanica Bay has unusually high levels of chlordane, once used as a pesticide, and polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, a banned substance once used in part as coolant fluid for transformers.