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A measure of the amount of chlorine or other halides in water, especially seawater.


(Chemistry) the amount of chlorine present in water, esp sea-water


(klɔˈrɪn ɪ ti, kloʊ-)

the degree of chlorine or other halides present in seawater.
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Noun1.chlorinity - a measure of the quantity of chlorine or other halides in water (especially seawater)
definite quantity - a specific measure of amount
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Acidity, alkalinity, chlorinity, hardness, dissolved oxygen (DO), phosphate, nitrate, and nitrite were measured using standard methods (Clesceri, Greenberg, & Eaton, 1998).
The chlorinity of the undissolved polymer was determined by elementary analysis (DX120-type Ion Chromatograph, Dionex Corporation of America) to calculate the grafted PVC amount.
where a, the mass of the undissolved polymer; b, the original mass of the sample before extraction; M1, the molecular weight of vinyl chloride; M2, the chlorine atomic weight; X, the chlorinity of the undissolved polymer.