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chlo·rite 1

A generally green or black secondary mineral, (Mg,Fe,Al)6(Si,Al)4O10(OH)8, often formed by metamorphic alteration of primary dark rock minerals, that appears as a spot of green and resembles mica.

[Latin chlōrītis, a green precious stone, from Greek khlōrītis, from khlōros, green; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

chlo·rit′ic (klôr-ĭt′ĭk) adj.

chlo·rite 2

The anionic univalent ClO2 group derived from chlorous acid, or a compound containing this group.
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Drill results confirmed the style and tenor of high grade copper mineralization hosted by chloritic shear zones within a mafic volcanic sequence.
Sericitic, argillic (advanced, intermediate and weak), silicic, chloritic, propyltic, zeolitic and alunite alteration zones have been recognized along this axis.
If the plant needs more copper, the leaves and stems are also Spindly and grow poorly, becoming chloritic.
Rock-forming chlorites such as those found in chloritic slate, the parent material of the field location, are primarily tri-octahedral and belong to the Mg-Fe series (Dyar et al.
These minerals might owe to the decomposition and prolonged leaching of feldspar, micaceous, chloritic and other Al- rich silicates in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks under humid tropical conditions (Murray, 2007; Johnson, 2000; Kerr, 1971).
The company has completed five holes in November and December 2011, with two holes encountering anomalous alteration, and another containing chloritic alteration at various intervals below the unconformity, a common feature found in host rocks containing uranium mineralisation.
interpreted chloritic footwall alteration is now in the hanging wall) similar to the sequence at Austin.
Both sampling from the vein and the entire blast rounds systematically has conclusively encountered a course gold zone out side of the veins in the intensely chloritic alteration within dioritic host.
Remarkable is also their determination (Mowatt and Naidu, 1987) of mixed-layer structures of indetermined character in the more detailed studied sediments deposited in the Colville River, which "presumably represent weathered/altered micaceous and/or chloritic phases, as well as mixed-layer materials (illite-smectite, etc.
Short term effectiveness was measured as the percent visual estimate of the reed patch that became chloritic, then necrotic (i.
In some areas it is tinted greenish, presumably by chloritic inclusions.