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Noun1.chlorophyll a - a blue-black plant pigment having a blue-green alcohol solution; found in all higher plants
chlorophyl, chlorophyll - any of a group of green pigments found in photosynthetic organisms; there are four naturally occurring forms
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Static fluorescence anisotropy measurements of chlorophyll a in micellar medium were performed using the 433 nm excitation wavelength.
Fast chlorophyll a fluorescence rise kinetics based in the "Theory of Energy Fluxes in Biomembranes", has been used widely for quick and large-scale evolution of stress tolerance in plants, due to its quick, nondestructive and precise characteristic (Strasser et al.
In this work, the performance of DSSCs with natural chlorophyll as the sensitizer at various concentrations was studied.
The researchers showed that the conversion of chlorophyll a to chlorophyll f requires only this one enzyme in a simple system that could represent an early intermediate stage in the evolution of photosynthesis.
For 'FHIA-18', negative associations occurred between leaf Ca contents and the indices of chlorophyll a and b (-0.95 and -0.87, respectively) and between leaf Cu contents and chlorophyll b (-0.87); for 'Prata-Ana', between the leaf Na contents and the indices of chlorophyll a, b and total: -0.90, -0.81 and -0.86, respectively (Table 5).
Photosynthetic pigments, nitrogen, chlorophyll a fluorescence and SPAD-502 readings in coffee leaves.--Sci.
Characteristics, namely, height, GBH, chlorofluorescence, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, total chlorophyll, chlorophyll ratio, protein, and sugar exhibited significantly both positive and negative correlation.
Unlike day 14, no significant differences in chlorophyll a, b, and a+b content were observed (Table 4).
The amount of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b being detected in these PLBs has no significant different.
The reaction center is awaiting the sun after a dark night But how are the two chlorophyll a's to capture the light?
Absorbance of chlorophyll a and b at 652 and 663 nm was determined by spectroscopy using a BioRad 3000 Smart-Spec uv/vis spectrophotometer.