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1. Any of various green algae traditionally classified in the division Chlorophyta.
2. Any of various green algae placed in a newly defined division Chlorophyta, containing a smaller number of families, including organisms such as volvox and sea lettuce but not spirogyra, the desmids, or the stoneworts.

[From New Latin Chlorophyta, division name : chloro- + -phyte.]
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Noun1.chlorophyte - algae that are clear green in colorchlorophyte - algae that are clear green in color; often growing on wet ricks or damp wood or the surface of stagnant water
alga, algae - primitive chlorophyll-containing mainly aquatic eukaryotic organisms lacking true stems and roots and leaves
Chlorophyta, division Chlorophyta - large division of chiefly freshwater eukaryotic algae that possess chlorophyll a and b, store food as starch, and cellulose cell walls; classes Chlorophyceae, Ulvophyceae, and Charophyceae; obviously ancestral to land plants
sea lettuce, laver - seaweed with edible translucent crinkly green fronds
pond scum - free-floating freshwater green algae
spirogyra - freshwater algae consisting of minute filaments containing spiral chlorophyll bands
stonewort - any of various submerged aquatic algae of the genus Chara having nodes with whorled filamentlike branches; usually encrusted with calcium carbonate deposits
desmid - freshwater green algae
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In addition, a neighbor-joining (NJ) tree of CYPs displayed eukaryotic origin of CpCYP and divided four major clades as follows: CYP A clade (including dinoflagellates Prorocentrum minimum and Alexandrium fundyense and bivalve Azumapecten farreri), CYP B clade (including chlorophyte Bathycoccus prasinos and dinoflagellate Pfiesteria piscicida), CYP C clade (fungi Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium rileyi), and CYP D (including fungus Beauveria bassiana and bivalve Hyriopsis schlegelii) (Figure 4).
Pond B is more diverse in its algal populations, and pond C is dominated by a filamentous chlorophyte. Measurements of additional parameters of the ponds, such as a nutrient content and chlorophyll levels, are in progress.
(2012) showed the lowest biomass yield of six chlorophyte species in the BG-11 medium compared to other three tested media (N-8, Kuhl, 3NBBM).
Astaxanthin is biosynthesized by microalgae and phytoplankton, in fact the highest levels in nature were present in the Chlorophyte alga Haematococcus pluvialis [99].
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Induction of proteases in response to nitrogen or light limitation has also been described in some diatom and chlorophyte species (Fig 1.2).