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A colorless crystalline compound, C8Cl4N2,used as a fungicide on a variety of vegetable crops, peanuts, lawns, and turfs and as a preservative in paints and adhesives.

[chloro- + (ph)thal(ic) + n(itr)il(e).]
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For the current study, the scientists found that forager bees were drawn to the fungicide chlorothalonil and the herbicide ingredient glyphosate, found in Monsanto's Roundup, at certain concentrations.
The active principles used in this study were captan (240g / 100L, 2L syrup per plant), cymoxanil (600g / ha, 1000L syrup / ha), dithianone (125g / 100L, 1000L syrup / ha), mancozeb (300g / 100L, 1200L syrup / ha), mancozeb + cymoxanil (3kg / ha, 1000L syrup / ha), procymidone (200g / 100L, 1000L syrup / ha), copper sulfate (700g / 100L syrup / ha), and methyl thiophanate + chlorothalonil (200mL / 100L, 900L syrup / ha) to control downy mildew, difeconazole (12mL / 100L, 600L syrup / ha), tebuconazole (100mL / 100L, 900L syrup / ha), methyl thiophanate (70g / 100L, 800L of syrup / ha) to control powdery mildew and potassium phosphite 30% [P.
To prevent fungal diseases, chlorothalonil (Bravo Weather Stik[R], Syngenta Crop Protection LLC, Greensboro, North Carolina) at 1.
Effects of the fungicides benomyl, captan and chlorothalonil on soil microbial activity and nitrogen dynamics in laboratory incubations.
atrazine (triazine), metolachlor (chloroacetanilide), carbaryl (carbamate), and chlorothalonil (chloronitrile) have high usage rates (Solomon et al.
The acquired protection product lines are Abamectin, Chlorothalonil and Paraquat.
agreed to sell businesses in the United States that produce the herbicide paraquat, the insecticide abamectin and the fungicide chlorothalonil to American Vanguard Corp.
Como esperado, os fungicidas foram os produtos mais toxicos em relacao aos herbicidas e inseticidas, sendo que chlorothalonil e propiconazole os mais inibitorios ao crescimento dos fungos.
Some bacterial strains can degrade PAHs (Zafra, Absalon, Cuevas, & Cortes-Espinosa, 2014), as well as the fungicide Chlorothalonil (Zhang et al.
An experiment was conducted at Horticulture Research and Extension Station, Devihosur, Haveri to study the efficacy and phytotoxicity of chlorothalonil 75% WP against fruit rot of chilli caused by Colletotrichum capsici.