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 (klôr-pîr′ə-fŏs′, -pī′rə-)
A toxic organophosphate compound, C9H11Cl3NO3PS, widely used as an insecticide in agriculture and on golf courses and wood products.

[chlor(o)- + pyri(dine) + alteration of phos(phate).]
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Noun1.chlorpyrifos - a common organophosphate insecticide
organophosphate - an insecticide that interferes with an insect's nervous system
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The agency said data highlighting health concerns about the pesticide were "not sufficiently valid, complete or reliable" and added that it would continue to monitor the safety of chlorpyrifos through 2022, The New York Times reported.
In April, a federal appeals court gave the EPA a July deadline to issue a final ruling on whether to ban chlorpyrifos, The Times reported.
Chlorpyrifos (O, O-diethyl-O-3,5,6-trichlor-2-pyridyl phosphorothioate) is an organophosphate pesticide, which is commonly used to control pests on paddy fields, pasture, cotton, vegetable crops and fruit trees including oranges, bananas and apples (Rao et al., 2003; Gomez, 2009; Grube et al., 2011).
All treatments were compared with Lorsban 4E[R] (chlorpyrifos 48% AI) (Dow AgroSciences Chile S.A., Santiago, Chile) as a standard, applied at 1.2 mL per L (576 ppm) as recommended by the manufacturer.
Assessment of genotoxic and mutagenic effects of chlorpyrifos in freshwater fish Channa punctatus (Bloch) using micronucleus assay and alkaline single-cell gel electrophoresis.
Screening of impact of chlorpyrifos (RADAR 20[R] EC) on PGPR isolates
Farmers use Chlorpyrifos to prevent insect damage in crops including Washington's apples, grapes, and wheat.
Just a few weeks ago, however, a federal court ordered the EPA to ban chlorpyrifos within 60 days.
"A significant body of evidence from both epidemiological and animal studies has demonstrated that children are vulnerable to long-lasting, adverse cognitive and behavioral outcomes when exposed during pregnancy to chlorpyrifos levels far below the current tolerances permitted by EPA," APHA said in its brief to the court.
Chlorpyrifos, which is applied to fruits, vegetables, and nuts, is part of a class of chemicals known as organophosphates that were developed before World War II for use in nerve gases that could halt neurotransmissions in a soldier's brain.
In the case of chlorpyrifos toxicity, the use of a neurobehavioral end point offers several advantages compared with an end point based on cholinesterase inhibition.