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informal chocolate



Choc beer

There are several discussions of the origin and composition of choc beer (Chock, chalk), but the one that seems most realistic is that the name was first applied to an alcoholic drink made by the Choctaw Indians from wild plants found in what is now Southeastern Oklahoma. However, by the mid-1930s, during the depression years, choc generally referred to any homemade, slightly alcoholic beverage. The drink was made from a variety of inexpensive raw materials, depending on availability, and was usually barely palatable. In the Southwest, the fermenting liquid that dripped from ensilage and collected in the bottom of silos was sometimes drunk. It was also not unusual for people to collect spoiled fruit from grocery stores, put the fruit in a bucket of water, and leave it under their house porch until it fermented.
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Noun1.choc - colloquial British abbreviation; "a box of chocs"
chocolate candy - candy made with chocolate


n (Brit inf) → Praline f; box of chocsSchachtel fPralinen
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Bars of choc which deliver a mean 99 calories are a weight watcher's heaven - so good one Cadbury's
Managing director Matthew Stephenson's plans include increasing its national footprint by extending the distribution and wholesale network, and also introducing new product lines to its Choc Nibbles range.
We recognize that pediatric mental illness has become a nationwide crisis, and are committed to addressing it," CHOC Children's President and CEO Kimberly Chavalas Cripe said.
Indecis Seville-Valence et Benfica-Juventus En Europa League, l'affiche Seville-Valence constitue le derby de l'epreuve puisqu'il s'agit d'un choc 100% espagnol.
Racing Post editor Bruce Millington Congrats to Choc on his 1,000th winner
With the much loved flavours of Chewy Toffee, Juicy Raisin and Mint Creams, plus the Choc Chip Cookie flavour, now is the perfect time to try them all again and pick your favourite.
Closing date is July 5, 2003Q: Maryland Monster Bags contain how much Choc Chip cookies?
Barney & Barney LLC, one of the nation's largest, independent insurance brokerages, today announced a new charitable initiative to support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CHOC Children's Hospital (CHOC) in Orange County, California.
Medical Director at the Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC Children's, has been appointed Chairman of the Network and will lead the development of consensus tumor profiling guidelines and standards for pediatric cancers.
Sainsbury's Giant White Choc & Raspberry Cookies, 0.
Raspberries, hazelnuts, pecans and white choc buttons make for a happy Easter - the producers are happy too, as the chocolate is fairly traded.
A Twitter user wrote: "Looks like Ashley Cole's going to be their choc ice.