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informal chocolate



Choc beer

There are several discussions of the origin and composition of choc beer (Chock, chalk), but the one that seems most realistic is that the name was first applied to an alcoholic drink made by the Choctaw Indians from wild plants found in what is now Southeastern Oklahoma. However, by the mid-1930s, during the depression years, choc generally referred to any homemade, slightly alcoholic beverage. The drink was made from a variety of inexpensive raw materials, depending on availability, and was usually barely palatable. In the Southwest, the fermenting liquid that dripped from ensilage and collected in the bottom of silos was sometimes drunk. It was also not unusual for people to collect spoiled fruit from grocery stores, put the fruit in a bucket of water, and leave it under their house porch until it fermented.
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Noun1.choc - colloquial British abbreviation; "a box of chocs"
chocolate candy - candy made with chocolate


n (Brit inf) → Praline f; box of chocsSchachtel fPralinen
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NEW ITEMS: Scoopshakes: any scoop of gelato and fresh milk blended to infinity Slush Puppies: the original frozen slush Bubble Pop Waffle: the latest dessert craze everyone is talking about in eight varieties New items on the classic range of gelato, crepe, waffle and sundae Gelato: Two new varieties: Chocolate Double Nut and Choc N'Hazlenut Cakes: One new variety: Angelica Sponge, a 100s and 1000s smothered Victoria Sponge Sundaes: Seven new varieties: The Italian Job, Eaten Mess, Monkey Guzzle, Chuckle Berry, Chocolateer, Choc Royale, Nutty Fruit Mishmash.
By Sainsbury's Buttons The Polar Bear Cake, PS10 Choc sponge in cream cheese frosting, we love it for not being super-sweet like some offerings - and for his jaunty blue scarf.
As if keeping in step with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's austere oath-taking, she said snacks such as buchi (rice balls), sotanghon, pandesal, maja blanca, pichi-pichi and Choc Nut will be served during the midmorning gathering at the Quezon City Reception House, the new location of the Office of the Vice President.
MORRISONS has dumped coconut from its new tub of Mega Mix chocs, after research found it is the one nobody wants when the tin is passed around.
They joined the business in the 1990s and established the Broderick's brand, known for its creative and zany products which include Tiff Toff in the Tuffen (Belgian chocolate biscuit cake), Rollypolly Crunchy Oats in a Sticicywicky Coat (hand-made granola slice), Belgy Nicker Nutty Drippy Drop (hand-made chocolate caramel nut bar with cranberries) and Road Rocking Choc Choc Block (Belgian chocolate and marshmallow biscuit cake).
Owner of Choc Edge and University of Exeter lecturer, Dr Liang Hao, said that everyone loves chocolate so they tried to make it easy and accessible for mainstream consumers.
But the move will infuriate choc lovers as around 100million Dairy Milks a year are sold in Britain.
DDJ Myers donated their time and all necessary materials, so nearly 100% of all proceeds went to CHOC.
Summary: L'ancien president ivoirien Laurent Gbagbo est "sous le choc de la surprise" de son transfert a la Cour penale internationale (CPI) a La Haye, a declare son avocat Emmanuel Altit en denoncant "la brutalite de cet enlevement".
The Speaker was talking with Ambassador of South Korea Rok Yong Choc who met her at the Parliament House here.