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She has since embraced the 90s look and is often seen in slip dresses, Converse trainers and chunky boots, often completing her look with a chocker necklace, mini designer handbag or even a pair of retro sunglasses.
The bus was chocker as it was rush hour and my lad pipes up out of nowhere as loud as he could: 'Hey, Dad, what's sex?'
At the party, Jenner reportedly rocked a custom 18k gold chocker with her all-black ensemble while Ratajkowksi dazzled in hinged bangles.
"I went in to the pub the day after it happened and it was chocker - everyone is gobsmacked."
The place was chocker. Our choir had 400 girls, as it was a good way to meet guys.
In this look, I choose it to be a scarf chocker as a support accessory to put the look together.
The models wore crowns designed by Bal, and chocker necklaces, earrings by Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers.
The tweets, one of which called Rubio a "leightweight chocker," prompted the Florida senator to offer two theories for the spelling errors.
"We have to shut the doors and say 'we're full' - the hospital is overcrowded, the doctors surgeries are absolutely chocker and the roads aren't up to it."
shows the decrease download time of peers using chocker localized algorithm is more than using picker localized algorithm.