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 (chôk′ə-hô′lĭk, -hŏl′ĭk, chŏk′-)
n. Informal
A person who frequently or compulsively eats chocolate.


(ˌtʃɒkəˈhɒlɪk) or


a. someone who is very fond of eating chocolate
b. (as modifier): the chocoholic British.
[C20: from choco(late) + -holic]


(ˌtʃɔ kəˈhɔ lɪk, -ˈhɒl ɪk, ˌtʃɒk ə-)

a person who is excessively fond of chocolate.
[1975–80; choco (late) + -holic]


[ˌtʃɒkəˈhɒlɪk] naccro mf du chocolat


n (inf)Schokoladensüchtige(r) mf; to be a chocoholicnach Schokolade süchtig sein
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A chocoholic who did the same thing would save pounds 8,443 in interest and settle their mortgage two years and 11 months early.
EVEN the most die-hard chocoholic is unlikely to have tried this version - chocolate pasta!
Not even the biggest chocoholic would suffer real physical withdrawal symptoms without their daily sweet fix.
I was the ultimate chocoholic. I couldn't even pop out to the shops for a news-paper without buying it.
Reformed chocoholic Ms Paige Baxter has slimmed from 21 stone 2lbs to 11 stone 6lbs in just over a year.
Our aim is to keep people on a healthy eating plan, with five portions of fruit and vegetables every day." The "chocoholic" patches were such a hit - winning orders from the US, Canada, Europe and South Africa - that Liz, of Otley, Yorkshire, was given a pounds 100,000 grant from Yorkshire Enterprise to help her expand her business.
SWEET makers Mars are launching new mini-bars - to try to increase their sales to chocoholic women.
As every chocoholic knows, chocolate is life - and now scientists have shown it to be true, it is revealed today.
The former chocoholic ditched her supersize gear when she slimmed from 24 to 15 stones.
Liz, from Ilkley, West Yorkshire, said: "I developed the patch after years as a struggling dieter and chocoholic and couldn't believe the results.
Reformed chocoholic Paige Baxter, aged 28, from Southampton, went from 21 stone, 2 1/2 pounds to 11st 6lbs in just over a year.