chocolate bar

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Noun1.chocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candychocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candy    
chocolate candy - candy made with chocolate
Hershey bar - a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company
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M2 PRESSWIRE-July 30, 2019-: Raway Organic Creates the Perfect Chocolate Bar That's Delicious and 100% Raw Vegan Organic
But I felt a twinge of guilt when I received WhatsApp greetings from both my sons, wishing me a happy Father's Day.However, undaunted, I prolonged my self-treat by going on to the Chocolate Bar to further indulge myself with what, next to bacon and beans, is my favourite food.
THE SECRET The Secret chocolate bar was discontinued in the 1990s.
( The company said the emoji redesign is the first time it's altered its milk chocolate bar design since this confection first went on sale in 1900.
18 M&M'S Chocolate Bar Toyota driven by 2015 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch at four races in the 2019 season.
The Cadbury's chocolate bar has seen its price increase over the years and today you'll find them with a 26p price tag.
Guests will also be given the opportunity to mold a milk chocolate bar; a $5 fee applies for this activity.
NHS Choices responded to media coverage of a new study published in JAMA Ophthalmology that found contrast sensitivity and visual acuity were significantly higher two hours after consumption of a dark chocolate bar than a milk chocolate bar.
snack attack BLOOM BARS (Makes 4, depending on size of moulds) INGREDIENTS 15g sour cherries, chopped 13 almonds, roughly chopped 3tbsp pumpkin seeds 2 dried apricots, finely diced 45g bar of Pana Chocolate Raw Cacao (or a raw chocolate bar of your choice) METHOD 1.
As Belgium's foremost practitioner of the art of fine chocolate making, Marcolini shares his passion and his knowledge in the pages of "Chocolat: From the Cocoa Bean to the Chocolate Bar".
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 29, 2016-Williams-Sonoma introduces Good & Evil Chocolate Bar in collaboration with chefs Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain