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Noun1.chocolate fondue - fondue made of chocolate melted with milk or cream for dipping fruitschocolate fondue - fondue made of chocolate melted with milk or cream for dipping fruits
fondu, fondue - hot cheese or chocolate melted to the consistency of a sauce into which bread or fruits are dipped
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The outlet's 'Lovestruck' bundle priced at P3,000 includes Brut Sparkling wine, a chocolate fondue with pralines and fruit, and live entertainment.
Marshall, pastry chef at Duval's, has you covered, His dairy-free dark chocolate fondue weighs in at only 290 calories.
On top of the list is the Blissful Pleasure Chocolate Fondue in blanc chocolate, lait chocolate, noir chocolate, or chocolate chili, served with fresh fruits, marshmallows, and nuts.
Dedicated purely to desserts, Movenpick's luxury sweet treats include chocolate fondue and such concoctions as Affogato, a mix of ice cream and Nespresso coffee, and sundae versions of favourites like banoffee pie and cherry bakewell.
Try it with a milk chocolate fondue and strawberries, for an easy yet special dessert.
The cafe/restaurant is best loved for its creative signature desserts including red velvet molten cake, chocolate fondue, chocolate soup and special chocolate pizza.
For instance, the Black Cherry Blush shandy was suggested with a milk chocolate fondue.
Also a big selection of meat entrees is on offer, to be finished off with dark and white Yin and Yang chocolate fondue.
My mum advised me to combine strawberry fruit with white chocolate fondue and crushed graham crackers because it tastes like a cheesecake.
The step-by-step recipes range from Ham Breakfast Burritos; Italian Beef Sliders; Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole; Chicken Tortilla Soup; Cowboy Chili Beans; and Texas Peach Barbecue Sandwiches; to a Pot Roast Dinner; Lemon Rosemary Chicken; Black Bean Tostadas; Stuffed Poblano Peppers; Blueberry Buckle; Strawberry Rhubarb Cornbread Cobbler; and Peanut Butter Chocolate Fondue.
Bonnie and Van Glass, owners of Euphoria Chocolate Company in Eugene, have an ongoing debate in their household: whether or not to dip cheese in dark chocolate fondue.
DINNER WILD Alaskan salmon with dark leafy greens followed by strawberries dipped in a chocolate fondue.