chocolate fudge

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Noun1.chocolate fudge - fudge made with chocolate or cocoachocolate fudge - fudge made with chocolate or cocoa  
fudge - soft creamy candy
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I'd only learned chocolate fudge and fig cake, though, when--when I had to stop." Her voice broke.
"Chocolate fudge and fig cake, indeed!" scorned Miss Polly.
Chocolate specialties being served up this year include chocolate kebabs, frozen hot chocolate, funnel cakes with chocolate sauce, chocolate blintz, chocoflan, chocolate barbecue sauce, chocolate dipped fruits, chocolate covered cheesecake, chocolate popcorn, chocolate fudge assortments, caramel hot chocolate, chocolate-filled croissants and chocolate chip zucchini breads.
| The Best Belgian Chocolate Fudge Cake, Morrisons, was PS2.92, now PS2.
Varieties include The Unicorn, drizzled with a pink glitter glaze, rainbow drops and sprinkles and Smores, topped with chocolate fudge sauce, Hershey's chocolate pieces and digestive biscuits, and skewered with a toasted marshmallow kebab.
Everyone's favourite budget store are selling Dr Oetker pizza, prosecco and chocolate fudge cake for just [pounds sterling]9!
From a simple range of cakes and pastries, its menu has grown to include a variety of Filipino and European specialties-comfort food, usually -ranging from roast turkey and chicken relleno to gourmet pasta and pizza, chocolate fudge cookies and cakes.
Enjoy recipes including Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies, Cherry Pistachio Cookies, Cookies and Cream Donuts, Beignets, Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, Key Lime Truffles, Apple Pie Taquitos, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge, Wine-Roasted Cinnamon Pears, Minted Cups, Orange Cream Shake, and so much more.
There were 13 cakes to taste, including Victoria sponge, pavlova, meringue, and chocolate fudge. I had a major sugar rush by the time I'd tasted them all.
It's covered in chocolate bars (which the customer chooses), syrups and sauces, fresh fruit, and pieces of chocolate fudge brownie.
Chocolate fudge sponge, raspberry jelly and chocolate feuilletine with milk chocolate mousse