chocolate mousse

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Noun1.chocolate mousse - dessert mousse made with chocolatechocolate mousse - dessert mousse made with chocolate  
mousse - a rich, frothy, creamy dessert made with whipped egg whites and heavy cream
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CHOCOLATE MOUSSE Ingredients (serves 2) 150g dark chocolate 100ml egg whites (approx 3 eggs ) 125ml double cream 2 dessert spoons icing sugar Method 1.
To make the chocolate mousse, mix together the cream and grated chocolate in a bowl.
1 -- 2) Among the fare offered at Le Pain Quotidien in Studio City: a tuna salad sandwich with black olive tapenade and roasted red peppers, above, and a trio of desserts including a mixed berry tart, a peach tart and a mini chocolate mousse.
It is injected with a vanilla cheese mix and topped with chocolate mousse, curls and toffee sauce.
Asda "Good for You" chocolate mousse (six-pack) - pounds 0.
satsuma segments on the top and spoon one third of the chocolate mousse on the top.
At Maggiano's Little Italy in Woodland Hills, we discovered a fabulous Zuccotto Cake filled with four chocolate cake layers with chocolate mousse sandwiched in between.
Chocolate Mousse Powder was demonstrated as an 'instant' dessert with a 70% real Callebaut chocolate content, which can be used as it is or can be incorporated within other confections and desserts such as gateaux, profiteroles, pancakes and even milkshakes.