chocolate sauce

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Noun1.chocolate sauce - sauce made with unsweetened chocolate or cocoa and sugar and waterchocolate sauce - sauce made with unsweetened chocolate or cocoa and sugar and water
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
fudge sauce, hot-fudge sauce - thick chocolate sauce served hot
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Other variations include The Original cone that has fresh fruit and brownie at the bottom covered with a mountain of vanilla ice cream, but this one's topped with fruit, chocolate sauce and nuts.
BANANA & PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM Ice cream with no need for a machine SERVES 4, 151 CALORIES PER SERVING (321 CALS WITH SAUCE) INGREDIENTS 4 large, ripe bananas (not black) 2 tbsp nut butter (peanut or any other kind) Zest of 1 lime Half a tsp cinnamon (optional) FOR THE CHOCOLATE SAUCE 50g dark chocolate (100% cocoa solids) 50g maple syrup 150ml single cream 1.
IF YOU are lucky, your partner might share these with you - one chocolate cupcake with chocolate sauce centre and chocolate frosting, and a red velvet cupcake with chocolate sauce centre.
The place is famous for its pasta and steak, so the main dishes ordered were sweet chilli pasta and pasta with pesto sauce, rib-eye steak with coffee sauce, a steak with chocolate sauce, and a cheese burger.
Try the pan-fried burger oozing with chili dark chocolate sauce.
Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle is a combination of Starbucks signature espresso, chestnut flavor and white chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and chestnut drizzle.
The TWIX Cheesecake offers a creative new twist on the classic layered chocolate bar with a crunchy biscuit base, a creamy cheesecake filling, a layer of caramel, topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate covered biscuits.
They include one of Yardbird's signature "Hardshakes", called Bird Is The Word, which includes JD Honey, chocolate ice cream, chocolate liqueur and chocolate sauce.
The top of the sponge will be just firm to the touch, but underneath there will be a runny chocolate sauce.
Who doesn't love a good chocolate sauce to drizzle on their food?
Instead of hummus or tahini you can top the crepe with dulce de leche, maple syrup, halva, baby marshmallows, Adashim (essentially the Israeli version of M&M's), whipped cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, granola, and chocolate sprinkles.