chocolate truffle

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Noun1.chocolate truffle - creamy chocolate candychocolate truffle - creamy chocolate candy    
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
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The Chocolate Truffle course consists of several winning recipes that will surely be a hit this Christmas.
Chocolate lovers can now satisfy their sweet tooth and help protect the environment, thanks to The Chocolate Truffle Company and their new 48g Chocolate bar containing cocoa sourced from a Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farm.
I also attempted her chocolate truffle tart and my friend thought they tasted so good that I must have bought it from a bakery.
The company also presents a line of flavored hot cocoas, called Bellagio European Style Cocoa, available in seven rich flavors including Chocolate Truffle, Caramel Praline and Orange Pecan.
Make Easter Sunday complete with this chocolate truffle cake, suitable for a special afternoon tea or an exquisitive desert.
"A chocolate truffle is created in round chocolate shells and then coated in chocolate and decorated with more chocolate.
The chocolate truffle pieces retain their softness even at -22[degrees]C.
Origins Cocoa Therapy Mood-busting lip balm in chocolate truffle (pounds 11 for 7g) Slight chocolate taste and deep colour, this offers decent protection and is slightly less sticky than many of the cheaper balms.
Sinner: Chocolate Truffle, Sainsbury's, 386 cals per serving/99g.
Gu Cheeky Little Chocolate Puds come in three new flavours, Chocolate & Orange Truffle, Double Chocolate Truffle, and White Chocolate & Passion Fruit Truffle.
The Carbolite product range currently consists of Chocolate Almond Bar, Chocolate Crisp Bar, Milk Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Truffle, with an extension to the range planned for the new year.
Yeo Valley, those nice organic dairy folk from Somerset, have three tasty new tubs for summer - Creme Fraiche Dairy Ice Cream with Blackcurrant Swirls, Orange & Chocolate Truffle and Triple Chocolate Truffle, pounds 2.69 for 500ml.