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Adj.1.chocolate-brown - of a color similar to that of wood or earth
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The cliffs upon the farther side had lost their ruddy tint, being chocolate-brown in color; the vegetation was more scattered along the top of them, and they had sunk to three or four hundred feet in height, but in no place did we find any point where they could be ascended.
She kept her makeup to the minimal and let her chocolate-brown hair loose.
I'm not sure I like a world in which a man is mocked for teaming chocolate-brown corduroy trousers with a beige polo-neck jumper and a bizarre nautical overcoat.
The bridesmaids wore chocolate-brown satin gowns featuring low V-backs with bow accents and carried white roses hand-tied with chocolat-brown satin ribbons.
A moulded leather saddle from traditional saddle-maker Brooks provides a nostalgic touch and the handlebar grips are made of hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather.
Century Furniture is now offering a decadent new finish for its wood furnishings: chocolate-brown enamel.
Q I saw you use red accessories to brighten up a chocolate-brown living room.
A classic cream coat, brown boots and a chocolate-brown T-shirt.
Exploring New York in sub-zero temperatures isn't for the faint-hearted and Simon also wears a chocolate-brown coat which is teamed with a brown hoodie, funky striped T-shirt and some classic jeans.
Chromatic variation is understated: Several gray-red owls are accompanied by some that are a gray-blue; a group of dark cranberry ones has chocolate-brown ones in its midst.