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 (chô′kə-lĭ-tîr′, chôk′lĭ-tîr′, chŏk′-)
1. One who makes or sells chocolate.
2. A place where chocolate is made or sold.

[French, from chocolat, chocolate, from Spanish chocolate; see chocolate.]


(ˌtʃɒkəˈlætɪə; French ʃɔkɔlatje)
(Cookery) a person or company that makes or sells chocolate


(ˌtʃɔ kə ləˈtɪər, ˌtʃɒk ə-, ˌtʃɔk lə-, ˌtʃɒk-; Fr. ʃɔ kɔ laˈtyeɪ)

n., pl. -tiers (-ˈtɪərz; Fr. -ˈtyeɪ)
a person or firm that makes and sells chocolate candy.
[< French; see chocolate, -ier2]
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So, imagine the glow in everyone's eyes when Maitre Chocolatier opened its fourth store located on Tomas Morato Ave.
Tribune News Network Galler Chocolatier Qatar recently sponsored the Belgian Embassy's 'Chocolate Night', held in honour of the Belgian Ambassador to Qatar HE Bart De Groof.
Cocoa Monster, Machiavelli and Manila Chocolatier, NIJI Desserts, Choco-Liquor Cakes by Maricar Reyes-Poon, BiteSize PH, Truffles by K, Hungry Pac, Agueda Manila, Raneese PB Cups, TsokoFino, Ginto Premium Chocolates, Top Chefs, Shorts Gourmet and CMBV Confectionaires.
USPRwire, Mon Jan 09 2017] Heramb Chocolatier specialize in "custom label brand" to chocolatiers, hotels, hypermarkets, Patisseries, etc.
A PAPHOS chocolatier is celebrating her recent win at the international chocolate awards held in Florence recently.
The chocolatier told the Telegraph he learnt the art of molding chocolate himself while working at a local college.
Benjamin Lee Chocolatier & Patissier in Menai Bridge is getting used to celebrity patrons, with The Amazing Spiderman star Rhys Ifans paying a visit earlier this year.
Turkish food company Yildiz Holding has brought together its core biscuit, chocolate, and confectionery businesses Godiva Chocolatier, United Biscuits, Ulker and DeMet's Candy Co.
IAIN BURNETT The Highland Chocolatier Every week one of Scotland's food heroes provides a recipe for the weekend.
Award-winning chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh is offering stakes in his business Coeur de Xocolat.
Godiva Chocolatier, the official chocolate supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium, has opened its Abu Dhabi chocolate cafe and store, located in the Qaryat Al Beri shopping mall.