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She was only fair in Latin or French grammar, but when it came to translation, her freedom, her choice of words, and her sympathetic understanding of the spirit of the text made her the delight of her teachers and the despair of her rivals.
His manner became palpably anxious; and his choice of words was more carefully selected than ever.
About a week after you had gone away ma'am," she said, with extreme severity of manner, and with excessive carefulness in her choice of words, "the Person you mention had the impudence to send a letter to you.
His sudden composure, and his sudden nicety in the choice of words, tried her courage far more severely than it had been tried by his violence of the moment before.
Mr Verloc, thinking of Mr Vladimir, did not hesitate in the choice of words.
whom you are pleased to call, in a choice of words in which I am not experienced, my brother's instruments?
Do not make such vague general statements as 'He has good choice of words,' but cite a list of characteristic words or skilful expressions.
No; but also hunters, farmers, grooms, and butchers, though they express their affection in their choice of life and not in their choice of words.
However, careful choice of words is "only one of the measures which empirical research has shown can reduce the incidence of suicide.
The group of women lawyers who released a statement to mark their protest against the recent remarks of the CJP where he quoted British politician Winston Churchill and compared a 'good speech' to 'the length of a woman's skirt' were correct in pointing out the damage caused by the CPJ's choice of words, in the legal community and outside.
I sincerely apologise for causing offence and my poor choice of words.
Cure and therapy may not be the right choice of words, as they suggest there is something abnormal about being gay in the first place, but it's the word that was used by ITV producers so I use it here through gritted teeth.