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or choke point  (chōk′point′)
1. A narrow passage, such as a strait, through which shipping must pass.
2. A point of congestion or obstruction.



a place of greatest congestion and often hazard; bottleneck.
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Noun1.chokepoint - a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel
narrowing - an instance of becoming narrow
2.chokepoint - a point of congestion or blockage; "the bridge is always a chokepoint at rush hour"
point - the precise location of something; a spatially limited location; "she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street"
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We must not allow anyone to use a border as a political choke point FABIAN PICARDO westminster yesterday
Political instability can also cause choke point disruptions.
It turned out there was a list created by a Justice Department program called Operation Choke Point," Fox News reported back on Jan.
I've been working on issues related to Operation Choke Point for the last year and a half, and more work needs to be done to ensure that federal agencies cannot arbitrarily eliminate industries based on the political motivations of the Executive Branch.
Internal FDIC documents confirm that Operation Choke Point is an extraordinary abuse of government power.
Gaps, blind spots, and choke points must be overcome for a more streamlined and responsive distribution and materiel management capability.
Much of the world's oil is transported by ship, and many of these ships pass through just a few choke points.
Of particular concern to many is the use of Operation Choke Point to destroy firearms dealers.
According to The New York Times, the goal of Operation Choke Point is to determine whether both large and small banks turn a blind eye from businesses illegally siphoning funds from customers' checking accounts in exchange for a generous fee.
CHOKE POINT provides a new Risk Agent novel and continues the thriller series, which has been optioned for film to reach new audiences.
This would probably be one of the more expensive projects to execute, but also one of the most necessary, said Kavanagh, if just to relieve traffic at the choke point.
The two countries are currently building an oil and natural-gas pipeline that would give China an alternative to sending tankers through the Malacca Strait, a shipping choke point closely watched by the U.