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adj. chok·i·er, chok·i·est
1. Likely to cause choking.
2. Tending to become choked.


(ˈtʃəʊkɪ) or


adj, chokier or chokiest
involving, caused by, or causing choking


(ˈtʃoʊ ki)

adj. chok•i•er, chok•i•est.
tending to cause the feeling of being choked: a choky collar.
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Noun1.choky - British slang (dated) for a prison
prison, prison house - a correctional institution where persons are confined while on trial or for punishment
Adj.1.choky - so tight as to tend to choke; "a choky collar"
tight - closely constrained or constricted or constricting; "tight skirts"; "he hated tight starched collars"; "fingers closed in a tight fist"; "a tight feeling in his chest"


[ˈtʃəʊkɪ] N (= prison) → trena f; (= cell) → unidad f de aislamiento
References in classic literature ?
Laurie drew his hand across his eyes, but could not speak till he had subdued the choky feeling in his throat and steadied his lips.
The fire had only just been lighted, and it was not hot; but there was a white choky smoke from the green sticks.
We shook hands, and he was so earnest and so kind that it made me quite choky.
I don't know why, Martin," she had answered, with a choky little laugh, "but it seems as if I just can't bear to give it up.
Very well," said Charlotte, with a choky abruptness that was new to him, though familiar to Lucy.
To our intense relief an answer came back in a choky voice.
The allusion to his mother made Tom feel rather choky, and he would have liked to have hugged his father well, if it hadn't been for the recent stipulation.
asked a middle-aged gentleman seated by the querist's side, with orders in his button, and several under-waistcoats, and a great, choky, white stock.
Tenders are invited for construction of bituminous surfacing form police choky se corut at karera dis.
Fresh out of choky, Kurt Russell hooks up with Kevin Costner to rob a casino during Elvis Presley lookalike week.
Sean Hyland, meanwhile, has fun as the irrepressible Toad, a green-faced Larry Olivier bemoaning his lot in woeful tones when he finds himself in choky for various motoring offences, while the weasels are making merry up at Toad Hall.
I'd get a whiff of something outdoors and feel choky.