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X-ray examination of the bile ducts after the administration of a radiopaque contrast medium.

cho·lan′gi·o·graph′ic (-ə-grăf′ĭk) adj.


(Medicine) radiographic examination of the bile ducts after the introduction into them of a contrast medium


(kəˌlæn dʒiˈɒg rə fi, koʊ-)

x-ray examination of the bile ducts using a radiopaque contrast medium.
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Noun1.cholangiography - roentgenographic examination of the bile ducts after a contrast medium has been injected
roentgenography, X-ray photography - radiography that uses X-rays to produce a roentgenogram


n. colangiografía, rayos-x de las vías biliares.


n colangiografía (técnica); percutaneous transhepatic — colangiografía transhepática percutánea
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The length of the stent was determined on the basis of cholangiographic findings.
Therefore, stent removal was recommended, and in doing so, the patient benefitted from symptomatic, biochemical, and cholangiographic improvement.
In patients without cholangiographic intrahepatic bile duct strictures but involvement of the extrahepatic bile ducts, a cholangioscopic bile duct forceps biopsy can sometimes be of diagnostic value [26].