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A salt or ester of cholic acid.


(Chemistry) a cholic acid salt


(ˈkoʊ leɪt)

the salt form of cholic acid.
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2 g/L polyoxyethylene 9-lauryl ether (Boehringer Mannheim), 220 mmol/L magnesium aspartate (Fluka), 40 mmol/L sodium cholate (Merck), 2000 U/L cholesterolesterase (E.
LDL receptor knock-out mice were fed for 4 weeks on a semisynthetic, atherogenic diet that contained cholesterol, 10 g/kg, and sodium cholate, 5 g/kg [23].
Sodium cholate, sodium chloride, lactose, and hydroxylamine hydrochloride were from Aldrich Chemical Co.
In this research, CFN solution is prepared by mixing with sodium cholate and distilled water and characterized by waveguide refection/transmission method where multivariable Newton-Raphson method is used to solve two complex equations containing four variables--[[epsilon].
5% deoxysodium cholate, 1 mM DTT, 1 mM phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride (PMSF), 1 % Triton-X-100].
25-mm methoxyethanol, and 5-mM sodium cholate buffer (Iijima et al.
37) Recently, they proposed a low-cost, scalable process using water-sodium cholate solution for a stable graphene dispersion.
The soupy solution also contained sodium cholate to keep all the ingredients from sticking together.
Responses of broiler chickens to organic copper fed in the form of copper-methionine cholate.