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n. colecistogastrostomía, anastomosis de la vesícula y el estómago.
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Wang, "Endoscopic ultrasound-assisted transmural cholecystoduodenostomy or cholecystogastrostomy as a bridge for per-oral cholecystoscopy therapy using double-flanged fully covered metal stent," BMC Gastroenterology, vol.
First, he performed a cholecystogastrostomy and posterior loop gastrojejunostomy, followed by a partial duodenectomy, partial pancreatic head resection, and pancreatic stump occlusion weeks later.
Lysaght performed a cholecystogastrostomy (8) and Mast and Oz performed a choledocoduodenostomy, (9) while Hinshaw, Turner and Carter performed a loop choledocojejunostomy and a jejunojejunostomy for this lesion.[R] Tolins located the distal severed common duct through duodenostomy with retrograde probing through the ampulla of Vater and thus was able to perform a direct duct to duct anastomosis.