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n. colédoco, conducto biliar formado por la unión de los conductos hepático y cístico.
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The rarer settlement regions of the disease outside the liver and the lungs in order of frequency may be listed as the spleen, soft tissue, abdomen, kidney, brain, bone, pancreas, breast, pelvis, joints, bladder, heart, ovaries, thyroid, retroperitonea, incision scars and choledochus (6).
Germinative membrane fragments, daughter cysts, and accompanying biliary sludge were causative factors extracted from the choledochus (Figure 2).
Terms denoting bile: chole ([phrase omitted]), bilis and fel are used in parallel to derive the names of related anatomical structures: ductus choledochus, ampulla biliaropancreatica; vesica biliaris, vesica fellea, while cholecystis contains a part of the phrase denoting the duct of the gallbladder-ductus cysticus.
In our case series, these tumors were diagnosed as follows: one in the pancreas, one in the ampulla, and one in the choledochus. Prior to our study, we found only 22 cases of ampullary MANECs in the literature (10).
Arterial perfusion was controlled before ductus choledochus was finally anastomosed.
In a 55-year-old female patient, dilatation of ductus choledochus was observed during general checkup in 2010 (abdominal ultrasound scan).
The antropyloric area was detected on the head of the pancreas and choledochus. It was assessed in the axial, oblique axial and sagittal plane.