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Suppression of biliary flow.

cho′le·stat′ic (-stăt′ĭk) adj.
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(Pathology) of or relating to cholestasis
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Its pharmaceuticals are used successfully to treat inflammatory bowel disease, cholestatic liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and for colon cleansing prior to colonoscopies.
The company said maralixibat is being developed as a therapy for cholestatic liver diseases including PFIC and Alagille syndrome.
Albireo Pharmaprovided an update on the progress of the development of odevixibat for pediatric cholestatic liver diseases and elobixibat for NASH.
Histologic examination of the liver explant showed severe cholestatic liver disease with intrahepatic cholestasis, focal bile cannalicular plugs, mild to moderate focal peri-portal and sinusoidal fibrosis, yielding no definitive cause for the liver disease.
Based on existing information, the patient had flu-like syndrome, jaundice, exfoliative skin rash, and severe cholestatic hepatitis.
It contains about 800 images, text, checklists, pearls and pitfalls, important and recurrent clinical and histological questions, sample notes illustrating approaches to reporting challenging cases, and near-miss case studies illustrating key diagnostic pitfalls related to basic patterns in liver pathology, acute and chronic viral hepatitis, nonviral infections of the liver, granulomas and granulomatous disease, drug-induced liver injury, fatty liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, cholestatic and biliary tract disease, vascular disease, systemic diseases involving the liver, transplant pathology, genetic diseases, pediatric benign and malignant tumors, hepatocellular tumors, malignant hepatocellular tumors and precursors, biliary tumors, and adult benign and malignant mesenchymal tumors.
Methimazoleinduced cholestatic jaundice in a hyperthyroid patient.
In this report, we describe a patient admitted with acute cholestatic hepatitis who was later diagnosed with typical FMF.
Material and Methods: Neonates/infants referred for Hepatobiliary scintigraphy were included in the study with a diagnosis of cholestatic liver disease along with conjugated hyperbilirubinemia.
Cholestatic jaundice develops with increased direct bilirubin and is usually pathological.