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n. pl. lipa
A Croatian unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the kuna.



n, pl lipa
(Currencies) a monetary unit of Croatia worth one hundredth of a kuna


(ˈli pə)
n., pl. -pa.
a monetary unit of Croatia.
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In macrophage foam cells cholesterol is constantly esterified by ACAT and deesterified by neutral CE hydrolases, such as carboxylesterase 1 and, possibly, neutral cholesterol ester hydrolase 1 [87].
Amperomatric determination of total cholesterol in serum with use of immobilized cholesterol ester hydrolase and cholesterol oxidase.
Ltd.), NADH (Oriental Yeast), recombinant CD (8-10) (Amano Enzyme Inc.), and cholesterol ester hydrolase (CEH; stearyl-ester acylhydrolase; EC derived from Pseudomonas species (11) (Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.).