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, cholesterolemia, cholesterinemia
n. colesteremia, colesterolemia, exceso de colesterol en la sangre.
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The concept of risk is a clear example of this process, since it went from being used to account for population risks, then to be used to characterize individual risks, which paradoxically have been positioned subjectively as diseases, especially those for which there are medications available (cholesterolemia, hypertension, among others).
In this study, alterations of glycemia and cholesterolemia were not observed.
Glycemia and cholesterolemia do not seem affected by Met overload (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).
Manzoni et al., "Proteins of white lupin seed, a naturally isoflavone-poor legume, reduce cholesterolemia in rats and increase LDL receptor activity in HepG2 cells," Journal of Nutrition, vol.
However, life-style programs are often difficult to follow for long periods and some risk parameters, such as cholesterolemia, are relatively resistant to changes in dietary habits and physical activity (Cicero et al.
Familial hyper cholesterolemia is underdiagnosed and undertreated in the general population: guidance for clinicians to prevent coronary heart disease: consensus statement of the European Atherosclerosis Society.
5: Risk Factors in Ischaemic Stroke Male Female Uric Acid 90.9 58.82 HTM 72.72 64.7 Smoking 81.81 64.7 Hyper Cholesterolemia 84.84 64.7 DM 3.03 23.52 LDL 84.84 52.94 Note: Table made from bar graph.
The Saturated fatty acids accounted for 3766% of the lipid rations, (36.72% normal weight diabetics, 44.97% of overweight+ obese diabetics) on our diabetics, these fatty-acids are correlated positively with the hyper LDL cholesterolemia and the cardiovascular complications.
Eight animals were fed with either a chow diet (1.8 kcal/g) or a high fat diet (7.52 kcal/g) (Table 1) and after 20 days, glucose tolerance, cholesterolemia and triglyceridemia were assessed to verify if the mice on HFD presented the abnormalities of metabolic syndrome.
Results showed that monacolin treatment with red yeast rice appeared to safely reduce cholesterolemia, hs-CRP, and improve endothelial function.

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