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n. pl. cho·lis also cho·lies
A tightly fitted, often short-sleeved or sleeveless upper garment with a low collar and usually a high lower hem baring the midriff, worn next to the skin by women and girls in South Asia, frequently under a sari or other garment.

[Hindi colī and Urdu čolī, from Prakrit cōḷa-, piece of cloth, from Sanskrit coḍaḥ, jacket, doublet, of unknown origin.]
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n, pl -lis
(Clothing & Fashion) a short-sleeved bodice, as worn by Indian women
[from Hindi]
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'I had to wear ghagra cholis [traditional attire] for the film.
The heavy work encrusted lehanga cholis in golden hues looked simply gorgeous.
Chokers are one of the most trending necklaces that match almost every type of traditional outfit - from lehanga cholis to traditional saris.
'Sophia' featured sculptural pieces, ruffles, colourful accents and flirty details in velvet, tissue, organza, cotton net, jamawar and chamois with cuts ranging from angrakhas to box kurtas, lehnga cholis, modern as well as classic bridals and pishwas.
The collection was presented by top models of Pakistan that included Mehreen Syed, Amna Ilyas, Bilal Ashraf, Mohammad Ali, Waleed Khalid, Nael, and Emaad Irfani who sported bespoke sherwanis with trousers, and lehengas and cholis, that had been designed to complement each one's personality, "creating harmony between the fashion and the person who wears it", Yasin said.
No more slinky backless blouses and cholis and sheer fabrics.
So I brought together women of nine different nationalities from Africa, Europe, the Philippines, Colombia and Singapore, all of whom donned the traditional lehenga cholis for a photo-shoot."
Be it Men formal, casual or party wear or women formal, casual, western wear, tradition such as Saree, Lenga Cholis, the users can easily try on a set of attires without physically undressing.
Floral embroidery embellished a host of lehengas with tiny cholis, net saris, gowns and skirts in fabrics like chiffon and raw silk with a dose of zardosi.
Exclusive ranges of gaghra cholis, lehengas and ladies' western wear are other major attractions of the ground floor.
The cholis will be very traditional," HT quoted a source as saying.
The text is subdivided into four parts: "Origin and History", "Pahari Rumals", "Thchnique", "Women's Bodices (Cholis)".