taurocholic acid

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tau·ro·cho·lic acid

 (tôr′ō-kō′lĭk, -kŏl′ĭk)
A conjugate of taurine and cholic acid, C26H45NO7S, whose sodium salt is a component of bile.

[Greek tauros, bull (from its having been obtained first from ox bile); see tauro- in Indo-European roots + cholic acid.]
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tau′ro•cho′lic ac′id

(ˌtɔr əˈkoʊ lɪk, -ˈkɒl ɪk)
an acid, C26H45NO7S, occurring as a sodium salt in the bile of humans and certain carnivorous animals.
[1855–60; taur(ine2) + -o- + cholic acid]
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