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v. chon·dri·fied, chon·dri·fy·ing, chon·dri·fies
To change (a tissue) into cartilage.
To develop into cartilage or become cartilaginous.

chon′dri·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
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Other studies have indicated that the shape of the TF is formed due to the content of the foramen, affecting the proper chondrification of the thyroid lamina (6).
Stewart (1953) supports an "anomalous ossification" as the etiology for the articulating neural arch, while Merbs (1996) attributes this condition to a chondrification error.
A previous study has demonstrated how locally injected stem cell suspension at the injured site of the flexor tendon in horses induced regularly arranged collagen postoperatively.[15] Moreover, long-term observations did not reveal any ossification or chondrification phenomena.
The above authors believed that the embryological cause of the abnormalities in the cervical spine was due to a defect in ossification and chondrification at the level of the cervical pedicles [1].
Specifically, during human knee formation, at the 9th week of development--when the chondrification of the patella, femur, and tibia has already begun but prior to the menisci maturation and ossification--the chondral anlagen--a triangular space occupied by a mesenchymal tissue--appears below the patella.