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A stone of meteoric origin characterized by chondrules and consisting of some of the oldest solid material in the solar system.

chon·drit′ic (-drĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.chondritic - having a granular structure like that of chondrites
achondritic - not having a granular structure
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This gives oxygen an extra level of information compared to hydrogen and nitrogen, providing critical clouds to further constrain the origin of chondritic organics.
Beyond the Moon, Mars and other extraterrestrial materials (chondritic meteorites for example) also contain REE-bearing minerals, including apatite and merrillite, yet these phases are again minor components of samples studied to date (< 0.6%).
Therefore, a density value of 3.0 kg/[m.sup.3] has been assigned to the extraterrestrial impact body to represent a chondritic meteorite.
The surrounding rocks had relatively high contents of ZREE (~68.02 [micro]g/g for cherts and ~152.95 [micro]g/g for black shales), high light LREE element enrichment (~131.95 [micro]g/g for black shales and 58.2 [micro]g/g for cherts), and negative Eu anomalies (Eu/[Eu.sup.*] < 1) for the chondritic normalized REE patterns.
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Neodymium isotopes are corrected in a similar fashion to the correction of [sup.87]Sr/[sup.86]Sr measurements by setting the [sup.86]Sr/[sup.88]Sr ratio to 0.1194, with Earth-derived materials having [sup.143]Nd/ [sup.144]Nd ratios that are corrected to a [sup.146]Nd/[sup.144]Nd ratio of 0.7219, the chondritic uniform reservoir (CHUR) value.
Chondritic [sup.176]Hf/[sup.177]Hf = 0.282772 and [sup.176]Lu/[sup.177]Hf = 0.0332 (Bouvier et al., 2008) and the depleted mantle [sup.176]Hf/[sup.177]Hf = 0.28325 ([epsilon]Hf = +16.4) and [sup.176]Lu/[sup.177]Hf = 0.0384 were applied to calculate eHf values and model ages used in this work.
A similar chondritic body four or five times larger blazed through the Siberian sky in 1908, exploding with a force of 3 to 5 megatons and leveling more than 2,000 square kilometers of taiga (
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In contrast enrichment of LIL-elements with the REE having almost flat pattern between 10X and 20X chondritic which are typical of N-MORB.