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A cartilage cell located in a lacuna of the cartilage matrix.
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The right and left hypochondriac (hypo= low and chondro =cartilage) flanks (laterally) the epigastric, which is the stomach area (epi =upon and gastric= stomach).
The event will feature performances by Bangladesh national award winner singers Haider Hossain, Kiron Chondro Rai and Chondona Majumder.
The vet's recommendation was to limit our Labs' activities in this mode of play and begin a regime of Chondro Flex.
Chondro Realty has sold 208 East 7th Street for $11 million, according to city records.
Es un trastorno en el desarrollo fisico oseo, ya que acondroplasia proviene del griego; a = sin; chondro = cartilago; plasia = crecimiento o desarrollo es decir, sin crecimiento normal del cartilago.
Softening (malacia) of the cartilage (chondro) of the kneecap is painful and can interfere with performance.
The words of the much ad mird Poet Shree Bharot Chondro Ray, are set to Music.