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a. condrocostal, rel. a los cartílagos costales y las costillas.
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While exploring the two wounds of the left hemithorax by taking the anatomical layers one by one, it was discovered a 15.5 cm long canal of the wound on the posterior axillary line, that passes through the subcutaneous cellular tissue from the fifth intercostal space to the soft intercostal tissues of the sixth intercostal space for 3.5 cm, then goes to the left side of the sixth chondrocostal junction to the costal arch axis, the anterior inferior extremity of the upper left pulmonary lobe, the anterior pericardium and the left ventricle wall at approximately 3 cm from the apex, the canal orientation going from posterior to anterior, from left to right, top to bottom.
The technique allows for the removal of the first rib in its entirety from the chondrocostal union in the anterior area to the withdrawal of the costovertebral joint.
DRG 101 Tietze's syndrome may cause chest pain and is characterized by tenderness to palpation of the chondrocostal chest wall junction.