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A small round granule of extraterrestrial origin found embedded in some meteorites.


(Astronomy) one of the small spherical masses of mainly silicate minerals present in chondrites


(ˈkɒn drul)

a small round mass of olivine or pyroxene found in stony meteorites.
[1885–90; chondr (ite) + -ule]
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Noun1.chondrule - small granule (of e.g. chrysolite) found in some meteoric rockschondrule - small granule (of e.g. chrysolite) found in some meteoric rocks
chondrite - a rock of meteoric origin containing chondrules
granule - a tiny grain
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The TEDx talk covered a wide array of topics, including meteorite types and parent bodies, meteorite surface features, chondrule formation, extinction events, asteroid mining, the influence of meteorites on spacecraft design, and more.
This is a "chondrule," a small bead less than a millimeter across, a droplet of rock molten and frozen in zero gravity as the planets were being formed 4.5 billion years ago.
Showing that chondrules are as old as CAIs addresses a long-standing question of why chondrule formation should be delayed by up to 2 million years after CAIs.
Benton reveals a sequence of events that reflect a complex history: (1) chondrule formation and initial assembly; (2) brecciation; (3) thermal metamorphism and (4) shock veining.
The team led by Ogliore analyzed a chondrule fragment known from previous research to have formed by high-temperature processes in the inner solar nebula-the cloud of gas and dust surrounding the infant Sun from which the planets formed.
The chondrule grains whose magnetic fields were mapped in the new study came from a meteorite named Semarkona, after the place in India where it fell in 1940.
This technique enabled the researchers to study the orientation and position of individual micrometre-sized grain particles that had coalesced around the chondrule.
The X-rays from these large flare events are thought to affect the formation of 'chondrules', flash-melted calcium-aluminium-rich grains in the star's protoplanetary disc.
and Kimura, M.: 2009, Tetrad effects in REE abundance patterns of chondrules from CM meteorites: Implications for aqueous alteration on the CM parent asteroid.
Its chondrules (the silicate mineral grains found in meteorites) are clearly visible." Jean-Marie Schaller, Louis Moinet's CEO and creative director, says: "It's an honour to be paying tribute to Qatar by combining the art of watchmaking with this unique and authentic celestial heritage.