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v. chose (chōz), cho·sen (chō′zən), choos·ing, choos·es
1. To select from a number of possible alternatives; decide on and pick out: Which book did you choose at the library?
a. To prefer above others: chooses the supermarket over the neighborhood grocery store.
b. To determine or decide: chose to fly rather than drive.
To make a choice; make a selection: was used to doing as she chose.
Phrasal Verb:
choose up
To choose players and form sides or teams for a game, such as baseball or softball.
cannot choose but
Can only do; cannot do otherwise: We cannot choose but to observe the rules.

[Middle English chesen, from Old English cēosan; see geus- in Indo-European roots.]

choos′er n.
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Noun1.chooser - a person who chooses or selects outchooser - a person who chooses or selects out
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
References in classic literature ?
Crisparkle had been either chooser, lender, or donor of the books, or that he combined the three characters, might have been easily seen in the friendly beam of his eyes upon them as he entered.
Birds is rare choosers an' a robin can flout a body worse than a man.
8) For example, a frame might denote the order in which the available options are presented to the chooser, which option is labeled as the default, or any manner of variations in which the choice is presented (as long as none of those variations affect which menu option the chooser actually prefers).
The other method is to choose 'SendAnyFile' from the file chooser window.
Applications included in the C-Apps Package are Theme Chooser, Theme Store, AudioFX, Dialer with TrueCaller integration, Gallery, Email powered by Boxer, and Cyanogen Accounts.
it must be irrelevant to whether the chooser prefers x or y.
It's fair to say that this new model will keep the loyal Passat chooser happy while tempting those drivers who want a premium car without the premium new price tag to try a Volkswagen for the first time.
MORE than half of UK executives in one of the largest user chooser market segments are eager for the all-new Ford Mondeo's arrival.
To help you explore the wide world of tomatoes, we re proud to announce our new Tomato Chooser app.
In the largest study of its kind, half of those asked and who usually consider lower, upper and executive cars in the User Chooser Barometer survey said they would definitely or be likely to consider the Ford Mondeo as their first choice for their next company car.
Rather, school-choosing families typically turn first to friends, neighbors, and family members whose voices are familiar and relatable and whose insights often come without the school chooser having to search for them.
A first distinction that must not be conflated as we consider different strategies that are being employed to influence individuals' behaviours is whether the goal is to improve the health or well-being of the chooser or instead that of a third party.