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also choos·ey  (cho͞o′zē)
adj. choos·i·er, choos·i·est
Very careful in choosing; highly selective.

choos′i·ness n.
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Adj.1.choosey - difficult to please
fastidious - giving careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness; "a fastidious and incisive intellect"; "fastidious about personal cleanliness"


choosy [ˈtʃuːzɪ] ADJ (choosier (compar) (choosiest (superl))) (gen) → exigente; (about food) → delicado; (= touchy) → quisquilloso
he's a bit choosey about iten esto es algo difícil de contentar
I'm choosey about who I go out withyo no salgo con un cualquiera
in his position he can't be chooseysu posición no le permite darse el lujo de escoger
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CROSSING-TYPE: There was a top trade for the best sheep, but breeders could afford to be choosey with the number of sheep on offer and many lots went home unsold.
Little Palaver, who has won five times, is not the only one of Little Nymph's offspring to hit the mark, his predecessors Little Rainbow and Little Choosey also having won.
In the Great Lakes, smallmouths can be choosey, and they tend to choose expansive summertime habitat like vast beds of vegetation, a long series of humps or reefs, massive shipwrecks, the rocky rim of the main basin, or an archipelago of islands.
Mian Kashif: Our export destinations are in the European and USA markets where our products are popular in those choosey markets.
Boyle's decision to step back to a mile nearly worked a treat last month as he surged home for second place, beaten two lengths by Little Choosey.
I've always been choosey about the musicians I work with and I've been pretty blessed with talented people.
We were very choosey, and the first one we hired was not a good fit.
For home I go to the farmers market in Bay Avenue and again I'm choosey who I buy from," Velvick continues.
People might become more choosey about their reproductive partners.
NewOneTouch Scan Configurations have been created that take full advantage ofAcuity features without having to learn how to edit pre-set configurations satisfy the most choosey users that are scanning a variety of documents.
Michael Diamond from the boy band, who's better known as Mike D, said during his appearance in a court trial for the copyright lawsuit the band has against Monster Energy Drink, that the band is really choosey when it comes to their songs being used for promotions, the New York Post reported.
Professional gardener Tom Angel said: "Plants and flowers are choosey and like different places and conditions to flourish.