chop back

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w>chop back

vt sepzurück- or wegschneiden
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Betty Cooke A If you chop back hard now, you will probably lose a lot or most of the flowers this year, but if the plant is too big for your liking, now is certainly the time to prune.
Cottage cheese attempt 1 Chronicles or 2 hundredth low-fat cheese to chop back on the calories Vegetables
That'd bring a lamb chop back to life, wouldn't it?" And at the Albert Hall in 1996 we and 5,000 other devoted acolytes paid homage at the court of Queen Victoria as she brought the house down with a sketch about pubic hair and an encore of the Ballad of Barry and Freda.
If you have to chop back to bring the plant back to a manageable size, you will forfeit the flowers that year but they'll return the next.
Sand your floorboards and chop back a feature wall to the brick; don't worry if the finish isn't perfect, as this look works well when it's a bit distressed.
If you can find ways to chop back on non-essentials.
The next was just a chop back on to the fairway and after coming up short of the green with his fourth shot he three-putted.
The feeling among the pros is that the move will put the onus on skill and accuracy and courses will be able to chop back some of the rough that has become such a negative aspect to course set-up in recent years.
Chop back the foliage as it can look pretty shabby and new growth will appear quickly.
In recent years, the staying division has given us rich sport and one is tempted to enquire where those goons who wanted to chop back the Ascot Gold Cup by half a mile are skulking now.
Pointon has failed to start in two games this season and he is thankful boss Ray Graydon gave him the chop back in September.