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Verb1.chop down - cut down; "George chopped down the cherry tree"
fell, strike down, cut down, drop - cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow; "strike down a tree"; "Lightning struck down the hikers"
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chop 1

To decrease, as in length or amount, by or as if by severing or excising:
phrasal verb
chop down
To bring down, as with a saw or ax:
cut (down), fell, hew.
A quick, sharp blow, especially with the hand:
Informal: clip, spat.
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يَقْطَعُ الشَّجَرَه ،يَحْطِبُ
höggva niîur
keserek devirmekkesmek

w>chop down

vt sep treefällen
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(tʃop) past tense past participle chopped verb
(sometimes with up) to cut (into small pieces). He chopped up the vegetables.
a slice of mutton, pork etc containing a rib.
ˈchopper noun
1. an instrument for chopping.
2. a helicopter.
ˈchoppy adjective
(of the sea) rough.
ˈchoppiness noun
chop and change
to keep changing (especially one's mind).
chop down
to cause (especially a tree) to fall by cutting it with an axe. He chopped down the fir tree.
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References in classic literature ?
Cutter often threatened to chop down the cedar trees which half-buried the house.
As it was, the murder of the white men, of any white man, would bring a man-of-war that would kill the offenders and chop down the precious cocoanut trees.
CONTROVERSIAL plans to chop down several mature trees to create an over-spill car park at a historic city park have been scrapped.
Council bosses are planning to chop down seven mature trees at Bantock Park so they can double the size of the car park.
Council officials have defended their move to chop down a clutch of town centre trees and vowed to replace them next year.
'Around a thousand trees have been cut since VC Sahrai took over the charge,' he said, adding that there was an area in the varsity with a large number of unwanted trees but the VC did not order to chop down those trees as they would either not be sold or would fetch a very low price.
PULP frontman Jarvis Cocker returned to his hometown to join a protest march against a controversial plan to chop down thousands of trees.
They do not want to chop down one tree, but a whole wood and concrete it over.
'This is no chop down trees,' said Khan adding that he had brought the matter to the Prime Minister's attention.